Możliwe sposoby płatności

  • Visa & mastercard

    Payment is the final step of the purchasing process. It should never be an obstacle. Our store pays special attention to this point as making payment in a secured environment is a primary concern of individuals. With e-commerce growth, and more recently the m-commerce evolution, it is essential to choose a payment solution optimized to Smartphone’s and tablets. It is equally important to choose the solution which offers a specific selection of credit cards that are most popular in the merchants target markets. We take Visa & MasterCard as they are widely used by cyber customers.

  • Noncash payment

    Noncash is a method of paying for goods and services that does not involve the exchange of cash. Examples of noncash payment instruments include checks and credit cards. In the United States, most noncash payments are made using checks, credit cards, debit cards, and the electronic payment system called the automated clearinghouse (ACH) — collectively referred to as retail noncash payments. Just choose which of the listed noncash payment methods is more convenient for you.

  • Gotówką

    Płatność gotówką jest możliwa dla wszystkich zakupów krajowych - zarówno przy odbiorze osobistym jak i przy płatnościach wysyłkowych za pobraniem. Płatność gotówką przy odbiorze osobistym nie wiąże się z żadnym dodatkowym kosztem. Płatność za pobraniem obciążona jest dodatkową opłatą ze względu na zwiększone koszty nadania przesyłki.